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  Past Contests  Complete Listing of all PixelAddiction.com contests
  # Contest Title Contest Type First Second Third
  569 Fish Sculpture Intermediate burndog YMS ldg40
  568 Zipper! Intermediate ldg40 burndog shadorma
  566 Quad Match Cage Match burndog msfrigyfrog flondo
  564 Triple Threat Cage Match YMS flondo msfrigyfrog
  563 Adventures in Advert... Photoshop A shadorma Chris49 burndog
  562 The Midas Touch Photoshop B swillox reingen Pixelpuddles
  561 Animal Testing 2 Photoshop B auburn Sugar Bear Mundo
  560 Edible Art 2 Photoshop A burndog Maiden peggyp26
  559 Colorization - Frees... Photoshop A hzmtrsq snk3 macwithfries
  558 Travel Photography Siouxie snowflakejen Siouxie
  557 Wooden Photography Super_Squirrel glottz down2earth2
  556 Flight Photography suemack Sierrakitten Brian Watters
  555 Waiting Photography Brian Watters suemack BlackSlate
  554 Four Photography winstonedghill yomar burndog
  553 FF: Puppets Freestyle ldg40 ldg40 burndog
  552 FF: Jacks Freestyle burndog jkendrick shadorma
  551 FF: Rose Freestyle reingen burndog Jaygre
  549 Masterpiece Mixups 3 Photoshop A Kl42 shadorma burndog
  548 Invisibles: People 2 Photoshop A Scott Scott yomar
  547 Global Warming 3 - S... Photoshop A shadorma 123456789 burndog
  546 Texture Photography winstonedghill BlackSlate tuggie
  545 FF: Boots Freestyle burndog burndog winstonedghill
  544 FF: What time is it? Freestyle Chris49 auburn Sugar Bear
  543 FF: Stocking Freestyle YMS burndog burndog
  542 FF: Teddy Bears Freestyle jankob YMS punith
  541 Winter Clothes Photoshop B YMS Mundo Beedybee
  540 Santa's Secret Life Photoshop A macwithfries YMS Happy
  539 Substitute Transport... Photoshop A Pixelpuddles edward flondo
  538 B&W Christmas Photography suemack burndog burndog
  537 Big Chill Photography Sierrakitten burndog burndog
  536 Frame It Photography flake snowflakejen winstonedghill
  535 Edibles Photography Super_Squirrel suemack Siouxie
  534 Winter Postcard Photoshop B NJECG Jaygre Redneck
  533 Fixing up SANTA Photoshop B Mystical thelovingfro Chris49
  532 Wrinklefest 2 Photoshop A Scott burndog flondo
  531 FF: Parade Dancers Freestyle YMS Happy Mundo
  530 Masterpieces - Frees... Photoshop A flondo Bill E Goat macwithfries
  529 FF: Globe Freestyle yomar jameschino88 jameschino88
  528 FF: Snowman Freestyle burndog Sugar Bear msfrigyfrog
  527 FF: Street Musicians Freestyle yomar burndog YMS
  526 Outrageous Origami Photoshop A ldg40 YMS Chris49
  525 Shaping Up: 4 Photoshop B thelovingfro edward BlackSlate
  524 Photo: Buildings Photography ProArtWork winstonedghill winstonedghill
  523 Flondo vs. Maiden vs... Cage Match YMS flondo Maiden
  522 Swap Meet 3 Photoshop B macwithfries Maiden Redneck
  521 Band Name Literalese Photoshop A Sugar Bear ldg40 Siouxie
  520 Fowl Play Photoshop B ldg40 Happy Sugar Bear
  519 FF: Playhouse Freestyle burndog V1nc3nt shadorma
  518 FF: Turkey Time! Freestyle YMS burndog flondo
  517 Thick Thespians Photoshop A macwithfries macwithfries burndog
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